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Colcord Public Schools Administration & Directors

Superintendent/Elem Principal                               High School Principal:
Mr. Bud C. Simmons: Homeless Liaison                   Mrs. Sandi Shackelford email:
Phone: (918) 326-4116                                            Phone: (918) 326-4107  

bsimmons@colcordschools.com                               sshackelford@colcordschools.com


High School Counselor:                                              21st Century Director:
Ms. Deena Blossom email:                                          Mr. John Robert Hampton email:
Phone: (918) 326-4107                                              Phone: (918) 326-4107

dblossom@colcordschools.com                                 rhampton@colcordschools.com                                


Athletic Director/Dean of Students                        SPED Director/Dean of Students/Foster Care Liaison
Mr. Terrill Denny email:                                             Mrs. Rebecca Farris 
Phone: (918) 326-4107                                              Phone: (918)326-4117 

terrilldenny@colcordschools.com                           bfarris@colcordschools.com  


Technology Director                                                    OPAA Director
Mr. Jeremy Shelley email:                                           Mrs. Anita Long 
Phone: (918) 326-4107                                                 Phone: (918)326-4117 

jshelley@colcordschools.com                                  along@colcordschools.com  


School Nurse                                                                District Librarian
Mrs. Debbie Battiest email:                                         Mr. Mark Hendren 
Phone: (918) 326-4117                                                 Phone: (918)326-4117 

dbattiest@colcordschools.com                                 mhendren@colcordschools.com  






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