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To this world I am almost non-existent

Forever an underdog making my way

No expectations, no one to take me serious

But I do not dwell on my perception

You see I have pride and humility

Earning respect is a constant battle I must fight each day

The sun rises and sets on me just as it does throughout the world

But I am still just an afterthought, deemed mostly unsuccessful

Itís a crazy reputation given my history

I have proven myself worthy countless times through the years, yet people still doubt me

Each day new questions arise about my future

I embrace the challenge because it keeps me focused to W.I.N. (whatís important now)

Iíve got a proven record, but it doesnít matter, some of those parts of me are long gone now

What matters most is what I do today because if what I did yesterday looks big to me then I havenít done much today

Donít get me wrong, yesterday and the years gone by are ingrained into my very fiber, but I canít rest on those accomplishments, thatís a disservice to those who helped make me what I am

I am eager knowing someone is going to build me up, someone is going to maximize my potential, someone is going to prove once again that I am strong, prove that I never stop fighting, show that I am a WINNER.

You see I am shaped by my history and encouraged about my future, my blood runs blueÖÖ

                                                                 I AM COLCORD







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