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Elementary School


Important Dates

2023-2024 School Year


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Apr. 5th- Jim Thorpe Cultural Day

Apr. 9th- Science Night in Colcord

Apr. 10th- 5th/6th Track at Porter

Apr. 10th- PreK and Kinder Enrollment @ 1:30- 4:30 at the Commuinity Center

Apr. 16th- PreK and Kinder Enrollment -1:30-4:30 at the Community Center 

Apr. 16th- 26- STATE TESTING

Apr. 24th- Secretaries Day

Apr. 29th-May 1st-  Current student update packet dates (Apr. 29th Kinder, Apr. 30th-- 1st & 2nd grades, May 1st-- 4th & 5th grades )

May 1st- Elementary Track Meet @ Colcord

May 6th- Delaware County Track Meet @ Jay/ 3rd-6th grades

May 7th- 5th grade Science Fair

May 10th- Last Day of School

May 20th- Prek and K enrollment 9:00am-3:00pm @ the Elementary

Parent Engagement Days/Open House ( This is a new format that we are trying out this year) times will be from 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the elementary in the individual classrooms.

August 5th- Prek and Kindergarten, 

August 6th- 1st grade

August 7th- 2nd grade

August 8th- 3rd grade

August 9th- 4th/5th grades







JOM provided school supplies for elementary students ( you must go and get them from one of the distribution times previously mentioned).

Elementary (PK-5):
❏ Box of Pencils
❏ Pink Erasers
❏ Box of Crayons
❏ Box of Color Pencils
❏ Package of Notebook Paper
❏ 1 Subject Spiral Notebook
❏ Scissors
❏ Plastic Pocket Folder w/ Brads
❏ Glue Stick

Also please get a composition notebook for Miss Tashina’s Cherokee class. Wado



School Supply:


2024 School Supplies

Pre-K Supplies

Kindergarten Supplies

1st grade supplies

2nd grade supplies

3rd grade supplies

4th and 5th Grade supplies














Breakfast Times

3rd-5th    7:35-8:00

1st-2nd     8:00-8:25

Pre-K & Kinder    8:25-9:00

Lunch Times




First Grade



Second Grade



Fourth/Fifth Grade



Third Grade








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